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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Adopt a Ho for the Holidays

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it seems we have even less time for ourselves. As if mother(and father)hood wasn't lonely enough, now we are so busy with familial and ceremonial obligations, that we don't have time to do the little things that make us more than just a mommy. The things that make us happy. The things that, in the long run, make us better parents. I would like to help with that. Via...

I have a proposition for you all: let's Adopt a Ho for the Holidays. What's that now? No, I don't want you to go under a bridge and find a hooker to hang out with and feed soup. I want to pair you up with a fellow Boozehound to do a care package exchange. Just a little something that can help brighten everyone's holidays and make us feel a little special. There will be a $25 spending limit, so you don't have to break the bank to participate.

Anyone that is interested, just send me your name, address and a list of likes and dislikes (ie: loves Precious Moments figurines and kitty cat sweaters, dislikes bondage and vodka) and I will match you up with a fellow ho. Then, just put your package together and send it to the ho I have matched you up with, and they will do the same. It might even spark some real friendships, which is the best gift a mommy can get, really.

If you want to adopt a ho this holiday, email your name, address and like/dislikes to ilikebeerandbabies @ (remove spaces first).

Happy HOlidays, Boozehounds!


  1. This is priceless and I LOVE the idea! Count me in!

  2. Fabulous idea. Can my Ho just reinvest in our 401K because we kind of fucked it up this year with buying a house. How does my Ho feel about paying capital gains taxes?

    All that to say, I don't have money to get in on the fun, but I think you're amazingly creative and I hope multiple someones' days are brightened by this project.

  3. One question- is the $25 part of whatever postage will cost?


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