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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today You Are Three

Dear J,

The Beginning

My sweet little girl. The light of my life. My reason for being better. You are now such a funny and quirky little girl. You love animals and farts. If I ask you what you want for your birthday, Christmas or your dreams at night, you almost always say something sweet. Like candy, or cupcakes, or cookies, or brownies. You have a big sweet tooth, just like your mama.

You love to sing and dance. If I ask you what you want me to sing, you always say, "Ba Ba Black Sheep." You also love the song Rehab by Kellar Williams, Rumor Has It by Adele and anything by Yo Gabba Gabba. Your favorite things to watch on TV are Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and Where the Wild Things Are. You also love Coraline.

One Year

Right now you like to play kitchen and babies. You are a very good mommy. In fact, at school, you act like a mommy to all of your friends. You hug them when they are sad, rub their backs if they are trying to take a nap and help them do things they can't because they are younger than you.

You have the sweetest personality of any child I have ever met. You are loving, funny and almost always in a good mood. You are full of joy, and that joy rubs off on all of those that are around you.

Two Years

We call you Sweet Pea, Bean, Beanie Weenie and Nark (sorry, you are a bit of a hall monitor).

At night before you go to bed, I always tell you your dreams. After I tell you them, you always say, "Tell me my other dreams." You like to read Shel Silverstein poems, as well as Giraffe and a Half (you always have to find the bee), Tickle Monster, Giraffes Can't Dance and Fancy Nancy Halloween or Bust.

Three Years

Thank you for making the last three years of my life better than I could have ever imagined. I love you more than I thought was possible.




  1. I love this! Especially how you call her Nark. LoL. :)

  2. We just showed the boy Pee Wee's Big Adventure a couple weeks ago! How did she handle Large Marge? I was scared of her when I was a kid.

  3. So, so sweet. What do you tell her, when you tell her her dreams? Just asking because it sounds awesome.

    It makes me sad to see the one-year-old pic in comparison to the two-year-old pic. One one hand, three sounds so amazing. I love that you clearly see her little personality and can completely appreciate those things that make her who she is. On the other hand, one was a baby, two, not so much. Sniff!

    1. I tell her about animals and parties and cake and fun stuff to dream of. Ha. She loves it.

      Two was bad but three is HARD!.

  4. Three seems like such a milestone. Maybe it's just me, but even more than two. Addison's gonna be three in February. At two, I could still call her my baby. At three, I'm pretty sure she's a little girl.

    1. I feel the same way, Neal. Three has been really hard on me. Just a feeling like there is no going back and they are now a whole person that needs you less and less every day. Commence hysterical sobbing...

  5. Aw :D Happy birthday to your little one!

  6. Happy birthday, Nark! And to mom, congratulations on three years of mommyhood! TO SURVIVING THOSE FIRST YEARS.

    I hope you have the first photo blown up and framed somewhere in your house. It is AMAZING.

    Off to finally answer your email...

  7. Happy Birthday to your little gal! I love the beginning picture too much. I look like the Michelin tire man in all of our early pics, except with more hair. Truth.

    1. For some reason I look awesome right after giving birth and like complete hell three months later...

  8. Sweet! And I love her dress. Target is amaze balls.

  9. I know this makes me a terrible person without a soul, but I can't *stand* Giraffe and a Half... I only have so much breath in me, for one thing, and it would be so much easier to find the damn hats and chairs on every page if they had least given us the courtesy of it being in color.

    Of course, it's one of Max's favorite books. The kid just knows. >.>

    In other news, this post is awesome and that first pic of you two is INCREDIBLE. Love love love.

    Also - is it just me or did Puppy Dog and Rainbows Friday disappear last week? I have felt a distinct lack of neon-colored canine butt chipperness in my life and I attribute that to its cause.

    1. I hate that book ill love you forever so I get it. Ha.

      It is a great one!

      I was lazy. Back this week with more butt chipperness! Ha.


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