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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Since Oprah is out of the game, I thought I would do a take on her Favorite Things and hip you to what The Quiet Contemplator and The Cool Cucumber will be getting from me and ADD Daddy Santa this year. Sorry, none of you will be receiving a $2k bathrobe, trip to Vegas or new car out of this. But if you are looking for a gift for The Beer Bitch, you all know what I really want. Here are the infant and toddler editions of My Favorite Things from last year, for reference, or for more gift ideas for your life-sucking midgets wonderful, deserving children.

Things I like for The Quiet Contemplator:
Plan Toys Play House

Pee-Wees Playhouse Sets One and Two

The original Willy Wonka 

Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Reusable Sticker Pad

Tiny pink Toms 

LEGO DUPLO My First Fire Station
LEGO Duplo Building Set 

Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set

Little Blue Truck Book 

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes Book

Things I like for The Cool Cucumber:

Little Tykes Workhorse

Ugly Doll

Melissa & Doug Habitats Reusable Sticker Pad

Tiny blue Toms 

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier 

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Book  

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? Book

Mega Bloks

Bath Froggy


  1. My son LOVES the little blue truck book. there is also a new one, Little Blue leads the way, that is cute too!

    1. Just ordered it! I think it will be our Christmas Eve open so we can read them before Santa comes...

  2. We just bought the pound and roll tower for Em. How long you think it will take for her to figure out she can use the hammer on mommy and daddy?

    1. TQC LOVES that thing at school! She never went medieval with it, but I bet the Cucumber will!

  3. Lego Duplo is the shit. We have so many for the babies, and I love them.

    The Melissa and Doug tool box? HATED IT. We had it for Gabe and he'd get SOOOOOOOO frustrated because the tools wouldn't fit in the box unless he put them all in a certain way, and then when he'd try to carry it around, half the tools would fall out. We finally threw it away and told him we lost it when we moved.

    Of course, now he has a phobia of his stuff disappearing when we move. So there's that.

    Also. Went back and read your minivan post.

    Cause about a year ago, I wrote about how there was no way in hell I'd ever buy a minivan. Like, ever. I had a Ford Explorer with the third row seat, and that it was big enough, and that I loved my SUV.

    Yesterday my new VW Routan minivan was delivered to my driveway. Because four kids in an SUV? I was getting suicidal.

    1. So excited for Duplo. And thanks for the toolbox tip. Didn't buy it yet and not I won't. Soooo want a ride in your swagger wagon!

    2. We have a different toolbox, same problem. Someone needs to make an extra-large one that's only half-full of toys.

  4. I LOVE that you're not getting her the pink Legos and t-ball set. We have those (the non-pinks). We also have the dinosaur book and Willy Wonka. The boy loves all four, so you have chosen wisely.

    Let me know if the QC wants me to come over and sing/act out "I Want It Now" for her; I'm pretty good at it. I even pretend to fall down the garbage chute at the end.

  5. We LOVE the How do Dinosaurs say Goodnight book! All those books are good, but that one and the How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon are our faves. I have them memorized. They are darling, well-illustrated and JUST long enough for a bedtime book. Thanks for the suggestions! My 3 yr old is also really into the Magna Doodle drawing pads that have been around for eons. Remember them? Non-staining, all you need is water in the little pen or stencil that comes with it.

  6. I imagine TQC will play with the tool set more than TCC!

  7. Whoa. We either have or want a lot f this awesome stuff!!! Glad you're as cool as me! :)


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