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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pinterest has made me Star of Super International

Today, I was looking at my blog stats and came across a weird traffic source. The address was a bunch of jumbled letters and ended in, so I figured it was one of those spambots that had picked up on my site. I imagined if I clicked through it would be something about a sexy girl who studies at "the university" and is looking for a man just like me. Why do they do this? I just don't understand.

There was quite a bit of traffic from the source, so I decided to risk having my identity stolen by checking it out. Turns out, I am huge in Hungary. How fucking awesome is that? See here. I promise it is not a sexy bot that will eat your babies. It is the blog of a woman from Hungary that found my flock of birds post.

We flew all the way to Hungary, and damn are our wings tired.

Through what I am sure is a wickedly accurate translation job by Google, I found out that the post kind of might have been close to saying said:

Wall Migratory Birds (Google, I think you forgot the word "of")

I love the unique baby room decorations prepared and sk, the total time belelkesedtem me find a wall stud applicated galloping. (applicated galloping. That just sounds fun.) And I lived through now and again, thanks to Julie, who's blog is not just for the beer, but the little ones you love. And more creative as well. (Whoever you are, I love you. For the beer, for the babies and for knowing my real name--wait how do you know that?)

Julie since retiring madársereggel decorated in a wonderful little girl's room, and was kind enough to share the method of preparation of the blog as well.
(What did I retire from? Madársereggel? That just sounds fucking awesome. Why would I retire from that?) You do not need to add more than a pair of scissors, a bunch of scrapbook paper - or patterned paper - it is a pattern that Julie's blog above or the links to the source it can find as well. Then you can start the work, which is not to say that it is not time consuming, but as many as two birds is to compile, I do not have a lot of distress - the horses are definitely less time. (I do not have a lot of distress either. The two birds that I have compiled and the horses keep me calm. Horses pretty.) The birds are ready to glue or poster blue-tack on the wall with applikálhatjátok. (applikálhatjátok sounds way cooler than poster putty. I want some.) And definitely stay there a hint of summer in the nursery.

Anyway, whoever you are, Gyermekszoba, you made my year. As for the rest of you Boozehounds, I don't know if you know this, but I am kind of a big deal. Well, at least in Hungary I am.


  1. literally lol! love it! way to go, retired madársereggel turned international superbloggerstar! :D

  2. I'm going to need your autograph. On my tits. And then I'm never showering again.

  3. Wait, your blog isn't just for the beer?@!?

    1. I understand, sometimes it's hard to see the children through the beer haze.


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