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Thursday, September 20, 2012

8 years and counting...

Tuesday was ADD Daddy and my 8-year anniversary. Yikes, right? No, I am not that old, we just married when we were babies (I turned 25 two weeks before the wedding. Stop doing the math. Yes, I am 33. Ok, I am old. Asshole.)

Don't I look like I am about to eat him like a praying mantis?
We have managed to make marriage work for us for 8 whole years (together 11 this new years). I only wanted to hit him in the face with a shovel during one of these years (it was more like two, but who's counting?). When we toasted yesterday, we said, "To seven fantastic years and one shitty one." It is just reality. That's who we are.

Our first year of marriage sucked balls. The day after we got home from our honeymoon, my husband was laid off from his job. Shit got reals real fast. Since he hated his field of work, we decided now was the time for him to rip the Band-aid off his broken career path and go back to school fulltime. But we had bills to pay, so he also had to work. Suck. He got a job waiting tables at night and went to school during the day. We NEVER saw each other. He worked and went to school, and I sat home alone and drank a lot. Needless to say, neither of us were happy. But we made it. Barely. We always say if we made it through that year(s), we can make it through anything.

Anyway. Since we have been to the dark side and know what it is like, we appreciate the shit out of each other now. ADD Daddy is an amazing man and the only person on Earth who has ever really gotten me (and not ran away screaming after they did). I couldn't ask for a better husband, father or partner in crime. We don't take life too seriously and sprinkle in a shitload fair amount of booze. We are happy.

Yesterday we got to celebrate that. Alone. We dropped the kiddies of at school and had a day that was just about us. We shopped around at Crate and Barrel (we couldn't hit Home Depot though, we didn't have time), had a wine lunch, then went to play the ponies at Horse Hooky Tuesdays. It was awesome. Here are a few pics of our day.

We had lunch at Maggiano's where they gave us a free champagne toast to celebrate! with lunch on a Tuesday.
They also brought us free cookies! Hells yeah. I now love Maggiano's!
It was a beautiful day!

And I won money. Twice!

The best part of the day was freaking out as my winning horses came to the finish line each time, only to realize that the actually finish line was bout 100 feet to our left. No wonder no one else was as excited as I was. The race was already over...


  1. Wait a sec- your dating anniversary is 01/01/01? Us, too!

  2. Congrats on the anniversary. And hoo-rah for making it through that shitty year.

  3. Aww, happy anniversary! LOVE the Old School reference! Cheers to another 8 years, plus 50 more!
    I'm 33, too. Fuck you for saying we're old. Okay, fine. We are. Kind of. =D

  4. Congrats on your anniversary!! My husband and I were married 8 years this spring.

    I think I'm in love with you guys. There's a house across the street for me that's for sale, you should probably move into it. I have kids (ages 2-7). They could be friends.

    I love reading this kind of stuff about real people, with real life who love each other. My husband and I are like that. He's apprenticing at his job (so his pay isn't that high) and I'm at home with the kids, and we have things that stress us out but we kind of just stick together and love each other and throw our hands up in the air and figure that things will work out. Here's to the other side!

    1. You are so cute. Come visit me in the Lou and bring the kids. Though I feel like I would be incredibly disappointing in person.

      Isn't finding married people who actually like each other refreshing? I feel like there aren't many of us left in the world sometimes.

    2. I agree. It's funny, in our earlier twenties, when all our friends are hooking up everyone seems so cute and happy. We all buy houses, have kids, and then you start to see people miserable and divorcing later. :(

      I doubt you'd disappoint!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary! I definitely think that the whole "Married and actually still friends with your spouse" is less common than it should be - here's to another couple decades together.

    Maybe we should coin a term for spouse/friend - a spreind? A frouse?

  6. Aw! Congratulations! You two are too cute!


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