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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Call Part Three

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On Saturday, we all woke up in the new house for the first time. The reality of it all was starting to set in. And with that reality, came the Disney-esque surrealness that is a visit from Grandma and PoPo. My mom and dad came to help my husband build us a table and to help us both put together the pieces of our new life.

After a day filled with more unpacking, decorating, table making and grandparent spoiling, we all had dinner and put the kids to bed. Then my husband and I stayed up with my parents talking. My dad talked more than I have ever seen him talk before. He was finally comfortable in our home. What once was always a strained and awkward feeling when my parents came to visit was now a resounding feeling of calm. We had a place for my parents. A place where they felt comfortable and wanted. A place where they were part of the family and didn't feel in the way.

Sunday was more of the same. Slowly putting pieces of our old lives away in new places. Unpacking what once was and putting it into what would be. Enjoying the new sense of peace the house brought to us all and exploring the new relationship with my parents that it created.

And children sleeping through the night--a glory in its own right.

Sunday was also the marker of our son's fourth month in the world.

Monday brought back the reality of life. My parents packed up and left and we went back to our 9 to 5s. But after work, instead of all cramming ourselves into a loft we had long ago outgrown, we came home to our new house for the first time.

It was like putting on a pair of shoes that fit after years of squeezing your feet into shoes that were too small. This house was "just right". It was amazing.

It was also our first time with just the four of us in the house. No friends. No family members. Just our little family alone under our new roof. It was the first night we had to enjoy our newly found freedom. Little did we know, it would also be our last.

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