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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Make It Rain

The Cool Cucumber likes to make it rain. No, he doesn't shower strippers with crisp $20 bills. What he does is even dirtier. He takes whatever you have given him to eat or play with and throws it up in the air. This is super annoying.

It usually looks a lot like this:

Need proof?:

Notice how he is acting like it is all his sister's and Fatty's fault?

Here is another example:

Dude, there are none left in the box. Asshole.

It doesn't matter what you give him, grapes, Cheerios, Legos, a box full of cats, he will take it and throw it up in to the air, all while laughing. Then he toddles off like the tiny Godzilla he is, leaving you to clean up his mess while he destroys another village. He is lucky he is cute.

Anyone else have kids that do this?

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