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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Making Mama Number One

Once Mother's Day was over and done this year, I found myself getting ready for bed Sunday night feeling unfulfilled. Not because I didn't get enough hand-painted macaroni necklaces from the kids or cliche crap from my husband. But because what I really needed for Mother's Day I could only give myself: I needed to start putting myself first. Not in a selfish way. Quite the contrary. I needed to start putting myself first so I didn't always end up coming in last. Sort of like how they instruct you to put your own air mask on in case of a plane crash. Because you can't help others breathe if you can't breathe yourself. And I couldn't breathe. I haven't been able to for a long time. But I didn't fully realize it until Sunday night.

So I set my alarm for 6 a.m. and decided the next morning would be the day that I started to make time for me. Alone. I would start waking up early and carve out a half hour of time for just me, myself and I. And I did it. I woke up, laced up my shoes and put one foot in front of the other. For three miles I was alone with my thoughts. And every time a negative one came up about myself, I kicked it right to the curb and told myself how awesome I was. How I could do anything. How I have made it through things that no other person could make it through. How I was strong. And smart. And invincible. It was the best date I have ever had. And it was with myself.

We're always asking ourselves, "Did I do enough for others today?" Did I do enough for my children? For my husband? For my job? For strangers? But the real question is, "Did you do enough for yourself today?" Did you make time to remind yourself of all that you have accomplished? Of all that you are. Of all that you are capable of? The only way to inspire others is to inspire yourself.

My challenge to you? Make a date with yourself. Do something just for you. Something that makes you feel better. Stronger. Like yourself. Go for a run. Set an hour aside to read. Cross stitch. Do whatever makes you feel like a better person you can be. Stop beating yourself down and start picking yourself up. Be the you that you want to be. Not the one that you think everybody else wants to see. Then report back with what you did for yourself this week. Comment below and let everyone know that you took time to make mama number one.

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