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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beer and Babies Family Update

So, we have learned this week, that we are sucky communicators about what is going on in our lives. To help fix the problem, I am going try to start a regular update on what is new in our household. Since this will likely last about as long as we are free from the flu, teething, summer break, etc., enjoy it while it lasts. :)

The Quiet Contemplator
Is the funniest and cutest kid this side of the Mississippi (Sorry Cucumber, but you still mainly throw up and poop your pants so she wins for now). She loves to sing and run and just all around act like she is full of sunshine. She loves her baby brother and has been an amazing big sister. Her favorite things are books and dogs. And books about dogs. And dogs that read books. She has to have surgery on her eye to correct her strabismus. It is not a horrible surgery and will most likely be much worse on us than her, but needless to stay, we are beyond worried. We have an appointment May 1 to see if her problem has stabilized. If it has, we will schedule the surgery in the coming months after that.

The Cool Cucumber
Cries. A lot. But he is cute, so we plan on keeping him. The smiles are starting to outnumber the cries so there is hope... He now goes to school with his big sister and has been a very popular guy with all of the kids there. The Contemplator does not like other kids touching him so she kindly removes their hands from him and yells, "No! My baby brother!" Little does she know that she will soon be willing to give him away for a piece of gum because he touches her toys.

ADD Daddy
Recently took a trip to Chicago to draft his fantasy baseball team. Yes, this is as important as it sounds.

I signed up to do Run For Your Lives in August. It is a 5k obstacle course where you are chased by zombies. I will be running in a hat that is an anatomical model of the human brain on which I will Sharpie, "Eat Me".

We are in the process of buying a house. The kids will now have their own rooms and an actual yard! We will miss our loft greatly, but four people in a house that is basically one big room with no doors is a little stressful. Especially since The Cucumber cries. A lot. Did I mention that? We are in the process of renting our loft, which is also very stressful. You try keeping the Cheerios out of the toilet long enough to show the loft to a potential renter. Not an easy task! And don't ask why there are Cheerios in our toilet. There just are. Always. I have no idea how they get there.

Well, that is all for now. Stay tuned for more updates in the future. Maybe...


  1. An obstacle course AND there will be zombies?! Sign me the fuck up!!

  2. I look at all the THINGS toddlers NEED and I look at how little space we have to store all of it and I get the hives. I'm pretty sure we're going to have to wait until Gavin is away at college before we attempt to sell our place, that is, if I want to keep my sanity. Good luck!


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