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Friday, September 16, 2011

Preggo my Eggo Update: 25 weeks down, 15 to go.

Last week, I was reading in one of my pregnancy books for week 24. It said, "by now, you should have gained between 14 and 16 pounds." Wow, thanks for the wide range there. I just think that small of a range sets every mama who doesn't land within those magic three pounds up to feel like a failure. I am above that number, fo' sho. Should I feel bad about that? No. 

We are all different. Some of us will gain 80 pounds just looking at a brownie, others will stay below 25 while spending their entire pregnancy saddled up at the buffet. I just think giving a three-pound range this far in the game is a bit redic. I think that there should be a 50-pound range from start to finish. We all know what is good for us and our babies. Just do what feels right and try to sneak some healthy stuff in there along the way. If you have gained 25 when it says you should have only gained 15, suck it up and move on. Nothing you can do about it now. I will end every pregnancy over 200 pounds. No biggie. Now pass the nachos.

Stripes are...ah...slimming.

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  1. Oh congratulations! You look so great in the photo! What an exciting time for you!

    Week 25 Pregnancy


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