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Monday, November 18, 2013

Parental peace of mind

In general, as a result of my brother's murder and the resulting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that is has caused, I am pretty anxious. Especially when I am alone. And especially when I am alone in public. So when I first heard about React Mobile, it instantly clicked: this could help me feel safer, and therefore help with my anxiety and PTSD.

Check out this video for a little background on the app:

Now do you have to suffer from PTSD for this app to be useful? Hells to the no. I also use it to keep my husband in the loop when I go for a run through its "Follow Me" feature. That way he always knows where I am and that I make it home safely if he is not there.

But there are tons of other uses. Here are just a few:

Going on a blind date and need to send a bat signal to get you the heck out of dodge when your suitor starts using their fork to floss with? React Mobile can help. Just send and "SOS" and a select group of friends can know that you need "rescuing".

Have a teenager that would rather die than let you know they got somewhere safely? With React Mobile, they can just push a button on their phone and you can know they arrived alive and they are spared the embarrassment of having to acknowledge that they have parents who care. Win-win.

There are endless uses for React Mobile, but basically it just provides you with a mental and virtual safety net if needed. It sure as hell helps me feel more at ease all-around. You can download it for free here.

React Mobile App: $0
Cost of raising a child to adulthood: $250,000
Parental peace of mind: Priceless

This post was sponsored by React Mobile but I wrote about it because I felt a personal connection with the service the app provides. I will never write a sponsored post about a product I do not personally believe in. I love you guys to much to do that garbage.
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