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Thursday, September 12, 2013

If I had to do pregnancy all over again…

I'm back, Boozehounds. Today I have a guest post over at What to Expect. I am talking about what I would do differently if I ever got drunk enough to let ADD Daddy impregnate me again (fat chance on that one happening, so don't hold your breath for an announcement from, "My Sponsor Part Duex").

Anyway, head over there to check it out. Because it is funny. Or maybe it isn't. If it isn't, just say it is because I am a delicate flower who seeks validation through others.

For those of you who have made your way here from What to Expect, allow me to introduce you to, well, me. I am Julie, also known as The Beer Bitch.

I have two kids, a husband and an obese cat.

I work full-time.

I drive a minivan named Rambone.

I have stretchmarks.

I am far from mother of the year.

I have experienced loss.

Overall, I am a real mom with real ups and downs. And I share them here. I hope you will stay a while. Grab a glass of cheap wine and catch up. I'll wait. 

I'll wait. If you share this post, I will buy you a pony. I suck at Twitter. I am OK at Facebook. Pinterest is my bitch. I am also on Bloglovin' and Instagram.
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