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The I Like Beer and Babies Family

Me: My advice/humor is to be taken with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila (after you deliver, of course). I am the wrangler of a little girl who wears glasses and a fuzzy pink eye patch and a little boy who does neither. In my real life, I make words sound good. In my superhero life, I save kittens from burning buildings. I have a horrible habit of giving my honest opinions when they are not asked for. My parents think I am weird. They are right. I enjoy a dry sense of humor and a buttery chardonnay, preferably mixed together. Contact me at ilikebeerandbabies @ gmail . com (remove spaces first).

The Quiet Contemplator: Our daughter is a funny little thing. She has to analyze every situation before she jumps in. When meeting someone new, she will stare at them blankly for about five minutes before deciding whether to run away screaming or jump in with both feet. This makes most people think she is weird. It makes me think that she is awesome—and an evil genius. She also has amblyopia and strabismus and has to wear an eye patch sometimes.

The Cool Cucumber: The Cool Cucumber is a happy little bag of smiles and farts. He is one content little dude, no matter what you throw at him (thus far we have thrown acid reflux, lactose intolerance, a fractured tibia and tube surgery at him). He rolls with the punches and is a little go-getter. He's a smart little monkey who loves exploring anything and everything. I think he may be too smart for us. We may have to adopt him out to a family of Drs soon. Or maybe rocket scientists...

ADD Daddy: My husband is the nicest person I know. He is thoughtful, understanding and somewhat insane to put up with me. He also has horrible ADD. He can’t concentrate on a task for more than five minutes without being distracted by something shiny. He also loves to clean. His favorite Christmas gift that I ever gave him was a hand vac. I love him for that.

Fatty: Fatty enjoys laying in the sun, bathing herself, eating chocolate pudding, glaring at inanimate objects and howling in the middle of the night.

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