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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby Got (sway)Back

Ever heard of swayback? Chances are, many of you haven't. Chances are even more likely that many of you may have it. I know this mama sho' nuff does. Let me break it down for you:

Swayback (or lordosis) is when your spine curves inward. So when you are standing, your belly sticks out and your back kind of has a c-shape. Check out the super scientific illustration below:

Hot, right? Turns out, swayback may be why a shitload of us mamas have people asking when we are due when there is no way we are even considering sex in the next year, let alone pregnancy.

So why would we have this super sexy condition? Pregnancy, of course, as well as the way we carry our babies (and toddlers and cats).

I carry The Cool Cucumber around A LOT. When I do so, I sway my back like a wayward nag. I basically contort my body so my gut becomes a little seat for him. Yeah, not so good on the back or the posture.

Years of holding babies like this, as well as two pregnancies, had gotten me to the point where I literally looked pregnant all the time. And it wasn't just all the wine, pizza and chocolate I was consuming. Then one day I stumbled on a pin for reducing your tummy pooch and hallelujah! I discovered swayback.

The good news? Swayback is seriously easy to fix and can make a HUGE difference in your profile appearance (it took me from looking six months pregnant to only looking three!).

AND! Fixing the problem also helps decrease lower back pain.

Now, you would think strengthening your stomach muscles is the go-to way to nip this problem in the bud, but no so. It helps, but strengthening the hip extensors on the back of the thighs and stretching the hip flexors is the real sweet spot.

Here is the link I used (warning the top half of the post has a high douche-factor. Just skip right down the video).

I hope it helps you ladies as much as it has helped me!

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