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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why Having a Baby is the Best

Now that we are saying goodbye to the baby stage for good, it made me think of all of the wonder that we have enjoyed over our few years of having a baby in our lives. These are the things that made having a baby in our life the best.

The Smell
Though as we have given up unnatural scents in baby products and therefore given way to babies that don't smell, well, quite as baby-like, babies still smell awesome. Even though much of that smell is derived from the presence of spilt--and spit up--milk. From their feather-like fuzzy heads to their teeny, tiny toes, babies have a smell that can't be duplicated. Not unlike that new car smell. Breathing in a deep whiff off a baby's bean elicits a euphoric reaction from me. And it always will.

Tiny Clothes
Baby clothes are ridiculous. They are just so small that sometimes you can't imagine them fitting on anything that is alive. Even when we had our second baby, I remember getting a newborn diaper out and thinking that it was just so SMALL. How could anything's butt ever be so little? But they are. And folding those tiny clothes after the wash actually makes doing laundry kind of enjoyable. Kind of.

Feeding a baby a bottle (or a boob to all you breast feeders) is such an amazing and calming time. All they do is eat. And all you do is breathe it all in. There are no food aversions or messes to clean up or battles at the dinner table. Just a baby in your arms drinking in their dinner while you drink in their babyness. Because it is true that it is fleeting and that it goes so fast. I may or may not still give The Cool Cucumber a bottle before bed. Lay off me, I have had a hard year and some nights it is all that gets me by. I plan on stopping soon. At least before he goes off to college…

Yes, you don't get a lot of sleep when you have a baby, but you do get a lot of down time while a tiny baby turns your body into a mattress. And that time is the best time. Ever. Not being able to get up to clean the house or do the dishes because a little bitty baby has made you into a comfy bed? Priceless. I miss nothing more than the weight of a baby quietly slumbering away on my chest as I caught up on my TV time. Now that is my idea of heaven. Especially the days when baby and I laid on the couch watching True Blood or Project Runway and there was a glass of wine and bar of chocolate sitting on the coffee table beside us. Drool.

The Built-in Excuse
One of the best things ever about having a baby is their ability to get you out of stuff you don't want to do. Like birthday parties: sorry we can't make it to your kid I barely know's 2nd birthday party, the baby is sick. And work: I just had a baby, see you in 12 weeks! And dishes: I would get up and do the dishes but the baby hasn't slept all day and just fell asleep on me…

The Enormity of it All
Having a baby to take care of is a profound responsibility. And for every day that it sucks your will to live, there is a day that it gives you the feeling of being the Queen of the World. Because you not only made a baby, but you also kept it alive. And safe. And helped it thrive, and learn, and feel loved. Though motherhood is mostly a thankless job, we should be thankful to ourselves. For making it through each and every day. And making a difference in a life that would cease to be without us. That is beyond enormous.

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