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Monday, February 4, 2013

Body by Baby

Because Gisele and all her friends make it seem like stretchmarks don't happen, I started Body by Baby. Stretchmarks do happen. So does saggy skin. And saggy boobs. And that is ok. Because we are real women. Our bodies aren't perfect. But they didn't get this way on their own. They got this way because we are fucking awesome and CREATED A HUMAN IN THEM. What's a stretchmark or a muffin top when we actually made life?

This is what a real woman's belly looks like. This is what having beautiful babies does to a girl. And it is awesome:

This is Kristen from BeerCat Brewing. She is the mom of a 1-year-old little girl.

Here is her story:
The pooch is from my second pregnancy.
The outermost scars are from my first pregnancy, an ectopic, and subsequent surgery.
The other scars are from my tumultuous psychiatric past (now THAT takes courage to share, ladies).

Thanks, Kristen. You are the shit for sharing with us what we all hide from each other.

Feeling frisky? Send me your own Body by Baby portrait and I will share it with all six of my readers the world. Anonymously or not. Your choice. Email them to me at ilikebeerandbabies @ gmail .  com (remove spaces).


  1. Can i share body with and by baby?

    Kudos to Kristen brave and beautiful

  2. She looks great for having a little one a year ago! Thanks for being brave Kristen!

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