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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy VD

I'm so bossy.

We spend so much time picking our significant others apart, that sometimes we take for granted what they actually do for us. In honor of VD (just as annoying as an STD) I am going to give the hubs the props he deserves.

Of course we're at a bar. Why do you ask?

He does most of the laundry and all of the "deep" cleaning.
He unloads the dishwasher way more than I do.
He gets all of the kids breakfast/medicines ready for the morning.
He takes care of all of the car and home maintenance.
He is good at craftsman-y stuff
He is caring, but not smothering.
He knows when I am mentally unstable and does not poke the bear.
He is really silly with the kids.
He watches the kids when I run on weekends.
He researches big purchases.
He let's me be the social planner.
He never questions my decorating ideas or gives his opinions.
He has a sweet ass.

So get out there and tell your valentine that you like them. And maybe even throw them a BJ (just kidding). What the heck, it's VD!

Happy VD, baby!


  1. Ok, here's the real test: when he unloads said dishwasher, does he put everything away in the right spot?

  2. I LOVE the black & white photo! Looks like something out of an old mobster movie. You look stunning!

    1. Thanks. That is one of my favorite. Too bad I have never done anything with them...

  3. I loved it all. Especially the "BJ" part.

    I love you so much, I want you to know.

    Thank you. Happy VD.

    - ADD Daddy

    * I hope I'm not cramping your "Blog Cred" by commenting-

  4. Obviously the last two are the most important!
    Happy Vday.

  5. This is very sweet. The top picture is probably my most favorite in the world!

    1. It wasn't posed. Just us talking after walking from one part of the shoot to another. Ha. I am such a bully!

    2. YES! I was hoping that was the case! That makes it an even better picture!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. You two are gorgeous! And the last one is the most important... in my opinion, anyway... ;)

  8. That's uncanny - that is almost verbatim the exact same list I would write for my husband! Except I "deep clean" (he doesn't do it right) but he does ALL the dishes... but otherwise those are exactly the things that make my husband the best in the whole wide world - except for maybe your husband... they may be locked in a tie :)

    1. See, in our house, I am the one that doesn't do it right. Which is a shame, because I just love vacuuming. Not.

  9. Those are great pictures. Love your dress!

  10. Much Respect for bigging up the hubby. I too have got a good one and I'm so proud of him.
    And by the way- your dad sounds AWESOME.
    Happy Valentines Day beautiful people!

  11. Three awesome things about this:

    1. The first picture is candid photography at it's best. LOVE that.
    2. Love that his resume is well rounded and all domestic. A man that can wrangle meds and breakfast and still change out a faucet is surprisingly hard to come by.
    3. He commented. After reading this whole post and the other comments, it was his commenting that REALLY got to me. Them figuring that shit out (how to "become a member" and comment) is awesome.

    1. *supposed to be "love that his resume is well rounded and NOT all domestic or ALL macho."

    2. He's a catch. I keep him guarded by honey badgers at all times.


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