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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Mothers' May!

I think Mothers' Day is just swell. But I also think that getting just a single day to celebrate the things that we moms do all year to keep our families afloat is kind of a crock. Giving a mere 24 hours to recognize the women that are literally wiping the asses of and shaping the beliefs of our future generation is BS.

I vote that from now on, May is Mothers' Month. I mean, come on, even jazz and zombies get a month. And let's face it, mommies are pretty much zombies most times, I mean, minus the whole surviving on human brains and all. I want all the moms of the world to have a whole month to embrace their awesomeness and be honored for the sometimes shitty job that they do 365 days a year.

Does that mean that Moms need to be worshiped and groveled at the feet of for the entire month of May? Fuck no. It just means that during May, maybe people can be a little kinder to Moms, give them a few kudos for a job well done, forgive them for their absentmindedness or just watch their damn kids for 10 minutes so they can play Dots and poop in peace for once this year. Just sayin'...

And while I'm at it, let's make June Fathers' Month. Because dads are just as damn important and deserve a month to honor all of the incredible work they do through the year, as well.

In honor of the first annual Mothers' Month, I let myself be a little selfish this week. I did things solely for me for once in the last 5 years. I bought girly wallpaper to redo our hallway because it made me happy. I went to a girls wine night and let the hubs hall the kids to his school play by himself. I took the entire giftcard Zazzle sent me as a Mothers' Day gift and spent it on my damn self.

I bought this custom cutting board that makes me smile.

And this tray that suits my type-A.

And this canvas that kills me.

So let's get this Mothers' Month started, shall we. What are you going to do to make May all about Mama? Get a mani/pedi instead of shopping the Target clearance aisles for next year's school clothes? Call your mom to tell her you are sorry for watching her poop for the first few years of your life? Cook a dinner that you want to eat, not that the kids will tolerate? Buy the fancy $6.99 wine instead of the 30 dime? Share your ideas with me in the comments section or on social media with the hashtag #happymothersmay. And happy Mothers' May!

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This post was sponsored by Zazzle but they didn't make me the opinionated, feminist, she-beast that I am. My mama did and I am damn proud of it. 
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