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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Quiet Contemplator loves sharks.

So The Quiet Contemplator loves sharks. The problem with that is, she can't says "shark". It always comes out "cock". The other problem with that is, she loves sharks so she talks about them a lot. Like we will actually be in a store and she will see one and yell out, "COCK!". People tend to look at you funny after that. Namely, they tend to look at ADD Daddy funny and he wants to curl up and die and send his daughter to the monastery.

Sunday, we were watching a special on coral reefs on 60 Minutes. Guess what the coral reef has a lot of? That's right, cocks sharks. Well, the minute they panned to Anderson Cooper's guns and away from the sharks, TCQ would yell, "I want cock!" Awesome.

I like to tell TCQ to tell ADD Daddy how much she loves sharks. He does not think this is funny and you can see him have a little rage stroke every time she says in her sweet little voice, "I love cocks, Daddy." I am mean, I know.


  1. I had to share this post on my FB. Too many of my friends still have the humor of an 8th grade boy. :P

  2. Best Kid Ever! I wish Carmen did that. Seans head would explode

  3. Vicky, I think this is why I think that it is so funny. It is like bathroom humor, only dirtier. Ha!

    Amby, maybe give her a try on some other commonly mispronounced words, like truck...

  4. Oh, how I needed this good laugh today. Reason #5439 that my husband is thankful we have a boy.

  5. Nilsa, I am going to go ahead and bet that it might be a bit more embarrassing on your end if your boy walks into Target and yells, "I love cocks." :)

  6. This is absolutely hilarious! This reminds me of something I did when I was a little a$$hole. I found my moms maxi-pads one day & asked her what they were. She told me they were diapers. Of course, being the little a$$hole I was, I proceeded to tell everyone we met - including strangers - that; "mommy wears diapers!".

  7. So my 3-year-old has a slight speech issue, as in, he can't pronounce some words very clearly. Probably from the accidental wine ingestion but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, he used to have a real problem pronouncing "salt" and "pepper". It came out "suck pecker". I can't even make this shit up. Dinnertime was fun.... "Mom, I want suck pecker".

  8. My 2 year old often pronounces his R's funny. It has never been a huge thing until he got some Thomas the train stuff for Christmas. He particularly loves Percy, or as he calls it, "Pussy". He told his grandma "I have lots of pussy!" I swear I pee my pants a little every time he says it.

    1. My son called Percy "Pussy," too!

  9. May I link this to a post on my blog I am doing about mispronunciations, pretty please? :)


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