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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Morning

So this is how my morning went:
  • Wake up to find bloody cat pee in the bathroom.
  • Decide to take cat to vet.
  • Load cat in cat carrier.
  • Violently loud cat screaming commences.
  • Violently loud kid screaming commences because the cat is hurt.
  • Kid will not leave cat’s side.
  • Kid being near cat makes cat angrier.
  • Cat screams louder.
  • Get kid and cat strapped in car.
  • Drop kid off at school and hope the Humane Society is not called because the cat can be heard screaming all the way from the car.
  • Arrive at vet.
  • Start up conversation with lady who seems normal.
  • She’s not.
  • She starts talking about dog rape, child abuse and disabled kids being beheaded.
  • Stop talking to lady.
  • New guy walks in with clear plastic bag of wet dog poo.
  • Start gagging and have to leave the room.
  • See vet.
  • Vet says cat has another UTI and weighs half of what my 21-month-old does.
  • Give vet $75 for pee medicine.
  • Strap cat back in car.
  • Drive cat home.
  • Take cat inside where she immediately pees on the floor.

My pee-hole hurts.


  1. OH MY GOSH the drama we go through for our pets. i hate days like this one.

  2. Upperbottom, thankfully I was able to laugh through it all and not choke any random strangers.

  3. Poor girl cats have more issues! My Maggie has heart problems & ear problems & snorts like a pig, but both my boys are perfectly healthy.

    Hope everything gets better!

  4. Oh God, *I* almost gagged reading about the bag of wet dog poo, and I'm not even pregnant! Blergh!

  5. Oh dear God.
    Also - minus the UTI, I think our cats are the same person.

  6. NMOTB, is your cat obese, addicted to chocolate pudding and howls when left alone for more than three seconds, even if you are only in the other room?

  7. Holy Cow! What a bad/funny morning!

  8. I laughed at your pain; I'm sorry. If it makes you feel better, I made my GP crack up this morning when I regaled her with the tale of how I once had to hold my own speculum. Better?

  9. omg! I have a cat that gets uti's like it's his business. WHAT THE HELL> My aunt has a cat that goes outside, and only comes in for food...and he doesn't even have an indoor cat litter, and the freaken cat is healthy and huge. Sometimes i wonder, if i throw him outside, if he will be like a normal cat and catch me birds!!!!!


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