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Monday, June 10, 2019

Organize Your First Aid Kit and Medicine Cabinet

I have been on an organizing kick lately. Not because I am an organized person, but because I am a hot freaking mess and need help wherever I can get it. The place where we keep our first aid supplies and medicines is a friggin' dumpster fire of disorganization and it drives me cray. Every time I need a Band-Aid because I cut half my leg off shaving or nausea meds because children always be pukin', I have to dig for 45 minutes through bottles of expired ExLax and errant tampons. So I decided to slay the beast that is our pharmacy of sorts.

Target almost always has a deal that if you buy three qualifying items you get a free medical kit. Well, I literally about cut my damn leg off shaving last week so I needed a bunch of supplies anyway so I stocked up and got two free kits. I made one a kit for the kids meds and one a kit for wound care. I can't tell you how much this has saved me in the last week alone.

My Kids Meds kit has pain relievers/fever reducers, Pepto tabs, allergy meds, gas relief and eye drops for pink eye because children are disgusting. This kit came in handy this week when my son decide to start leaking from his facial orifices thanks to pollen and my daughter decided to follow up our trip to the circus by projectile vomiting cotton candy at 3 a.m.

My Boo Boo Kit has Band-Aids, gauze, ointment, medical tape and peroxide. Now I don't have to dig for everything when one of my kids decides to take a header off the couch or I try to de-sasquatch myself.

Thought I would share since these have been super useful in our house.

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