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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Advice Under the Influence: Getting Your Toddler to Eat

Advice on getting your toddler to eat.

Though most kids his age are dedicated carb addicts, my son is the opposite. He would live on meat and meat alone if he had it his way. He would rather down a pound of bacon than so much as look at a piece of pasta. Sure, he'll take a piece of bread, but only to take one bite and then mash the rest between his grubby little fingers.

He has about 1% body fat. Which is great if you are a professional body builder looking to win the world championship, but not so great when you are a toddler trying to keep on the growth charts. Thankfully, I can shove fruit and nuts down his gullet every once in a while and the occasional glass of almond milk (because OF COURSE he is lactose intolerant), but dinner time is still a wee bit frustrating an occasion that drives me to drink.

On this bumpy road of trying to get the adorable little bugger to eat, I kind of forgot my own advice. The thing that rang the most true with me was, "In the end, food is food." And that is so true. He's eating, healthy and happy. Who cares if he doesn't dig on carbs like his mama? Watch below for some tips on getting your little one to eat.

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