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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

News flash: I am weird.

For those of you that have been around here for a while, the fact that I am a bit strange will come as no surprise to you. I share too much, make an ass of myself too often and have absolutely no sense of shame. So when the lovely folks at Zazzle offered me a chance to try out a few of their goods, I actually felt a bit sorry for them. Because they had absolutely no idea what they were getting themselves into.

They probably didn’t think that I would order up things like this:
Because who doesn’t need a pillow that displays Fatty’s bitchy resting face?
Or this:
This was actually so cool my husband stole it. Bastard.
And a few of these...

Most people probably don't print pictures of their kids crying...

Or, god forbid, these:

Come on, these are AWESOME!

My overall thought on their new offerings? Amazeballs. Seriously. I used them years ago to make a shirt for my husband that said, “I don’t have ADD… Oh look! A Penny!”. I hadn’t been back since but once I did check them out again, I was amazed by all of the cool crap they have now. They are like an Etsy store for artists that offers personalization.

AND, they were cool enough to offer a 15% off code to my readers: BEERANDBABIE (expires May 15). Use it to get yo momma something special for Mother's Day. Enjoy, Boozehounds!

If you share this post, I will buy you a pony. I suck at Twitter. I am OK at Facebook. Pinterest is my bitch. I am also on Bloglovin' and Instagram.

This post was sponsored by Zazzle but you Boozehounds know I would NEVAH EVAH subject you to anything I didn't think was amazeballs on my own. For realzies.


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