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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fatty is Scary

A few weeks ago, ADD Daddy pissed off a mama and daddy bird by killing their entire family. Because he is a heartless bastard with no soul. Well, not exactly.

Actually, ADD Daddy covered a hole in our siding where birds were getting in so they would stop crapping all over our porch. But I like to go on and on to him about the sad tale of the eggs that were probably in there that have now hatched and can't escape. And how he will probably hear them screaming and trying to claw their way out soon. Not that that should keep him up at night or anything...

Anyway. The other day, ADD Daddy and I were in the backyard hanging out. There were birds everywhere. Birds with a score to settle with ADD Daddy.

While The Birds was playing out in our backyard, Fatty decided to saunter her fat furry ass outside.

And then a crazy thing happened. Not knowing what a fat useless pussy Fatty is, the birds fled in fear.


And then Fatty rolled over to sun her fat while we enjoyed the back yard in peace.


Stupid birds.

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