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Monday, November 19, 2012

All About Me

So a while ago, I promised to let you know a little more about me. Here is the first installment:
  1. What is something you should be embarrassed about, but you're not? Picking my nose.
  2. What are two things you do every day? Drink. Poop.
  3. If you had a perfect day, what are three things it would include? My husband, my kids, wine.
  4. A five word sentence that describes you... I like beer and babies. Man, that was easy.
  5. What’s your biggest fear? Needles. I cry like a bitch when I have to get a shot or draw blood. No joke.
  6. Where is place that you’ve vacationed and vowed to never return? New Orleans during Mardi Gras. *shivers*
  7. What’s your number one goal for 2013? To not get pregnant.
  8. What beverage do you drink the most? (Both alcoholic/non-alcoholic) Wine. Milk.
  9. What’s your favorite meal to cook? Biscuits and gravy. It is an art and makes me nervous every. damn. time. I cook it.
  10. Which is worse? A gaggle of immaculately dressed soccer Moms or a pack of ravenous wolves? That is like asking, "What would you rather drink? A bottle of Coppola Zin or a glass full of fox urine and hot sauce."
  11. What is the worst way you've put your foot in your mouth? Probably im'ing one friend about how much of a bitch our other friend's wife was and accidentally sending the im to him instead. Doh.
  12. If you were a cocktail/beverage/bar snack, what would you be? Long Island iced tea with a side of Gardetto's.
  13. If you were a super hero what would your power be? Teleportation. Man it would rock to get anywhere in the world instantly. I would spend every lunch our on the beach.

Feel free to send me your questions about myself and I will answer them honestly and with brazen. I am happy to throw myself to the wolves for y'alls amusement. I will feature the questions and answers in future posts. Bring it, Boozehounds.


  1. New Orleans scarred you too, huh? It comes in flashes... like Nam....

  2. I want to drink you. apparently that's how much of a lush I am, you mention what cocktail you'd be, and my mouth waters and I think is there everything I need in mommies special cabinet or do I have to stop at the store...


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