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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things That Made Maternity Leave Managable

Just thought I would give a list of the things that made babydom and maternity leave more manageable for me (besides anti-depressants and cases of wine, of course).

Aden and Anais Swaddle
Light enough to keep baby cool. Tight enough to keep baby cozy. I also used these to keep wind out of the pumpkin seat when traveling since they are breathable.

Summer Swaddle
When The Cool Cucumber was first born and a bit small for the Aden swaddles, these were life savers.

Halo Sleep Sack
Much safe than blankets and comfy for baby.

Rainforest Mobile
This put The Cucumber to sleep every single night. He loves it.

Sound Machine
Both The Cucumber and The Quite Contemplator loved this. Helped for the first few weeks to keep The Contemplator from waking up when The Cucumber cried.

Travel Crib Music
Amazing and portable. Makes travel sleep easier.

The Peanut Shell
When The Cucumber lost his cool, this was the only thing that would calm him.

Rainforest Bouncer
The Cucumber was not impressed with our old bouncer but went crazy for this one.

Now I, personally, do not have one of these but my friend does and it is the coolest thing I have ever seen. So smart. Both of my kids hated our swing and I wish I had bought this instead.

Wrist and Foot Rattles
Adorable and very entertaining, apparently.

Formula Separators
These were time-saving and fab. I like this old model better than the new one.

Burp Cloths
These rock. Way better than real burp cloths.

I like that the waterproof liner is covered on both sides of these.

Dr. Brown's Bottles
Amazeballs. Never a gassy moment.

Owl Bib
Haven't used this yet but I LOVED Bumkins for solids and this pattern is adorable. Had to buy.

Alphabet Wall Stickers
Adorable and I love that they are cloth so they don't look shiny and cheap.

Snap n Go Stroller
Lugging around the pumkin seat was a no go and bigger strollers were too bulky so this easy stroller for the pumpkin seat was a life saver.

Lil' Nursery Tent
Used this countless times to block sun and wind on trips to the park for picnics.

Project Runway
Make it work. Enough said.


  1. Thanks for sharing Julie! I have the rainforest bouncer also that I used for Grayson and now for Reese and they love it! I also have the take a long rainforest swing that I highly recommend :)

  2. I love the Rainforest line! My 3yo still has the soother on his crib- which is now converted to a big boy bed. Hasn't turned it on in months, but freaks if we try to remove it.


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