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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Confessional

I was an accident. Ten years after my parent's last child of three was born, my mom started having weird stomach spasms. She had already started menopause, so when the Dr asked her when her last period was, she told him two years ago. It wasn't the stomach spasms. It was me was me kicking her. No wonder I am so stubborn. Menopause be damned!

The Confessional is now open. Have something you need to repent for? Feel free to send me your sin and I will help your purge your demons.

Sins from fellow Boozehounds

I chose to spend the night at my sister's house. The guest room (when the door is open) looks directly into my nephews' room. I opened my eyes this morning to see my 5 year old nephew standing bare ass naked bent over touching his toes and screaming at his brothers "DIARRHEA CANNON!!!!!" Instead of alerting my sister or being the responsible aunt - I laid on the bed and laughed my ass off. 

ILBAB says: Kids say the darndest things. I may have to steal diarrhea cannon.
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