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Friday, November 18, 2011

Preggo My Eggo Update: 34 weeks down, 6 more to go. Molars are like the ninth circle of hell. Hot sauce is delicious.

So this weekend we revisited the full-on hell that is molars. The Quiet Contemplator was in a lot of pain, therefor threw insanely dramatic fits from sunup to sundown Saturday and Sunday. One time, we were taking her for a walk to get her mind off the searing pain when she decided she DID NOT want to get on her trike and threw the most epic of fits ever. Right in the middle of a hip-and-happening street where people were outside enjoying beers and the warm weather. There were two bike cops standing near us when it happened, so I told TQC, "This is your big chance. Report the abuse now while it is still fresh. Tell these cops how horribly we beat you." The cops, having watched the whole thing go down, almost died laughing while we strolled away with a hysterical toddler. The rest of the hipster crowd looked on in horror while making their checklists of what they will "never do" when they have children. Yeah. Good luck with that. I was you a mere two years ago. Thank God for Zo-li and non-alcoholic beer.

My husband brought up what he thinks is a pregnancy craving of mine. I, however, think it is just deliciousness and is not pregnancy related. I put hot sauce on stuff. A lot of stuff. This all came up when were were out to dinner and I asked for a side of hot sauce to dip my fries in. He said that it was weird and borderline disgusting. I said that it is delicious and something I would have done before I got knocked up.

Mmmmm…hot sauce.
Last time I was pregnant, my condiment of choice was mayonnaise. I once asked for a side of mayo with a BLT that is advertised as featuring, "over a pound of bacon." When I placed my order, the waitress asked, "So you want the mayo on the side?" I said, "No, you can put it on the sandwich, I just want some on the side, too." She replied, "Are you serious?" I replied, "Yes." Don't judge my fat intake when I am pregnant and eating a sandwich with half a pig on it. Just bring the freaking mayonnaise.

Also, I have to see this every day when I get more water at work. It is like being punched in the face repeatedly.


  1. The way you handled that was a parenting WIN!!

    My craving with "Demon 2" was jalapenos and salsa on just about everything (I'm in Texas...what do you expect). The hotter the better. Wonder if that's why D-2 had reflux as a baby.


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