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Monday, November 21, 2011

Advice Under the Influence

Dear I Like Beer and Babies:

We're on our way to having two. Our son will be almost 2.5 when "Dos Equis" (my wishful thinking for a girl) arrives. Are you nervous about your kids sleeping in the same room? I'm worried one will keep the other up or wake each other up when they would have slept longer, so I haven't decided if they will be in the same room. Also we are moving at Christmas into a house we haven't found yet, so it's probably going to be very possible each kid could have their own room.

Basically my question is: make them bunk in the same room and just learn to sleep through the other's foolishness, thereby hardening my children's and my own constitutions (and giving me a full on guest/craft room), or let them have their separate rooms to keep the peace?

-First World Problem Mom

Dear FWPM,

First off, I will say that I have absolutely no background of expertise on this subject, but, needless to say, I have opinions on everything. If any of you mamas have experience in this particular area, please comment and let FWPM in on your experience.

Second, let me say, that moving, into a yet-to-be found house, with a toddler, during Christmas, while you can't get drunk to dull the pain, is INSANE, woman. What ARE you thinking?

OK, moving on. So in our situation, bunking up wasn't a choice, but a necessity. We live in a loft and there is no third bedroom to stick My Sponsor in. However, I think that if I DID have the choice, I would still have them share sleeping quarters and have the third room as a play area for their stuff. We raised The Quiet Contemplator to sleep through a dumptruck driving through a nitroglycerin plant. She will sleep through anything and hopefully will sleep through baby brother crying…but only time will tell. Even if she doesn't, it is only a matter of time before their will breaks and they get used to the situation (hopefully before my will to live does). Hell, the Bradys did it and they only has one bad kid. Man, that Jan just ruined everything.

So, my opinion is: keep on crafting, mama. The kids will work it out.

The Beer Bitch

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  1. Hello! My first comment. I'm such a lurker.

    I have four kids in two bedrooms. The first three kids weren't so bad, because I didn't have to put a newborn in with an older kid. I did find though that once I doubled up kids they really did get used to it fairly quickly. It actually helps them learn to sleep through a bit of noise. I've gone in there at night and turned on lights to clean up one kid or the other during a stomach flu (for a gross example), only to have the other kid keep on snoozing.

    My fourth baby? I put her in my room in a bassinet for a few weeks just until her nights became a little more regulated, and then moved her in with her older sister. Once I could get my 5 year old to stop trying to entertain the baby all was good!

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Tiffany! Hopefully we will have the same luck!

  3. I think that's what we'll do: have the newborn sleep with us for a few weeks until the sleep schedule becomes regular, and then transition into Adam's room.

    While I AM insane, I'm moving, pregnant, at Christmas because the Navy thinks that's the best time. And, you know, they're like jeopardy smart. ;)

  4. Damn your husband doing the right thing, Lizbeth. Don't they know not to mess with a pregnant woman?

  5. I was 8 months prego last time they moved us across the country, so it should be much easier at 5 months!

  6. I hear ya. I am all to familiar with that kind of insanity. We moved to a new home across the state 4 days after #3 was born. A new home with only 3 bedrooms. I kept #3 in with us in a bassinet until he was sleeping decently through the night. Unfortunately, that was about the time that his older brother (22 months) was transitioning into a big boy bed (had to get him outta the crib!), so it was nuts for a week or so. They are doing well now. "Big" bro bothers him on occasion if he wakes up first, but if baby (now 6 mos) wakes up, I can usually get him, feed him in the living room, and return him to crib without waking the other. So far so good. If it gets too hairy, my other option is putting him with big sister (3 years old). Good luck!!!


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