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Monday, July 25, 2011

The grossest things my child has done to date.

What's a few boogers, between family?
  • While ADD Daddy and I were laughing at The Quiet Contemplator’s antics during dinner one night, she decided to plant her finger in her nostril. Wondering what was so funny, she removed the finger, along with a slimy new friend. She then proceeded to put said finger, and its new friend, in her mouth. Our commentary went like this, “ew. Ew! EWWW!”
  • While playing outside, The Quiet Contemplator handed me something and said, “Rock.” Super excited at a new word that she both understood and could say out loud, I said, “Yes, sweetheart. Good job. Rock.” Only to look down and find that what she had indeed handed me was not a rock but in fact a prehistoric dried out dog turd.
  • After watching ADD Daddy and I stuff our faces with Oreos one night, The Quiet Contemplator picked up on how to dip cookies in milk. The next day, I walk into the bathroom to find her taking a foam bath letter “O” and dipping it into the toilet and then putting it into her mouth. Honey, that is not a cookie and that is NOT milk.
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