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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Confessional

For the confessional, all the ways Abby was a shitty mom yesterday:

My daughter's daycare said she needed diapers. I remembered to throw them in the car, but they did not make it from my car to her room. When I picked her up, she was wearing a random diaper that was the wrong size (she is a size 4 despite being almost 3. All the kids in her class that still wear diapers are size 5. So I have the double punch of her not being potty trained at almost 3 and being underweight).

I had to work late last night. She was at daycare from 6:30 am to 5:45 pm. So much for 8-year-old me swearing up and down to my mother that I would never let my kids stay in daycare all day like I was stuck doing.

I used ice cream to bribe her into eating more of her eggs and cauliflower (scrambled eggs and those microwave bagged steamed veggies being the extent of my culinary skills). Then I dropped the amount she had to eat to get her ice cream. Yes, I negotiated with a 2-year-old. And she got the better of the exchange.

When I gave her a drumstick (the ice cream kind) she complained about the nuts. I picked them off by hand, forgetting to wash my hands first after putting dirty dishes away first.

I left her up in the living room to watch Dora while I cleaned the kitchen.

When her dad came home at 7 from work, I left her and locked myself in my room to do some work I brought home.

I'm off the pill and we are actively trying for another. After a day like yesterday I really wonder what kind of even shittier mom I would be with two kids.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.
ILBAB says: First off, girl, did you really email me from a Hotmail address? I thought those things had went the way of the dinosaurs.

Second off, that sounds like a winning parenting day to me. I ALWAYS forget the damn diapers at daycare. ALWAYS. And it isn't like you left her chained to a radiator all day. PLUS you got her to eat protein, vegetables AND dairy. Then you got the house cleaned, helped her brush up on her Spanish and gave her some daddy-daughter bonding time. I suggest you have at least five more for the betterment of society. You rock this parenting thing. Keep up the good work, mama.

The Confessional is now open. Have something you need to repent for? Feel free to send me your sin and I will help your purge your demons.   

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