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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So long, five second rule

Let me start this whole post off by saying that I am about as far from a germaphobe as you can get. I have eaten “found” Skittles off a dorm community room floor, tinkled in many a porta-potty and raised two kids past the age of two. I have seen, smelled and touched things no man should ever have to see, smell or touch. But when my babies were babies, I was a tad more sensitive.

Now, did I hose every person that dared entered the breathing space of my precious babies down with hand sanitizer and offer them a respiratory mask? No. But I was more cautious than I am now, where I often see my kids chewing on mystery items they have “won” from the couch cushions.

Back in the good ol’ days, when I was wrangling screaming infants, a dropped paci could result in both me and my baby losing our ever-loving’ schmidt. But nowadays, there is a new sheriff in sanitation town: Bert & Bratt, a portable sterilizer developed by two moms that instantly de-icks your baby’s goods.

DUDE! Where were you ladies back in 2009 when I was scalding myself with hot water to clean my daughter’s pacifier while she made all of Target think I was torturing her in the bathroom?!?!

Anyway. The Bert & Bratt sterilizer is ridiculously easy to use, super cute and small enough to fit in your diaper bag (all things that these moms totally get are important). Just take your baby’s paci, sippy cup top or small teether, toss it in the opening, close it, hit the start button and BOOM: four minutes later your have a germ-free way to talk your tot out of embarrassing you in public.

Paci placement
Let the light show begin
Dude, it is so tiny and cute and weighs NOTHING!

And the best part? The ladies at Bert & Bratt are so awesome they even want to offer one of you a free sterilizer! Just enter below and I will draw one of you lucky duckies to have one of these beauties for your very own!

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This post was sponsored by Bert & Bratt but you Boozehounds know I would NEVAH EVAH subject you to anything I didn't think was amazeballs on my own. For realzies. 

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  1. This product is awesome! It would definitely come in handy for me and my little one. What a great invention!

  2. That little owl is adorable! My oldest used a paci until he was 3 so even though my youngest is already 18 months we would get another few years out of it.

  3. I seriously need this. Please. For the love of all things holy, let me win it.

  4. I NEEEED this! What a great invention.

  5. This is awesome! My son never used a pacifier and is too old to try one now, but I'll remember this for my next kiddo!

  6. This kind of made me laugh, as each generation becomes more aware our standards change. My mom swirled the babies pacifiers in her cup of coffee, I popped it in my mouth and back in my daughter's mouth, but my daughter has registered for one of these for her baby shower. The times they are a changin'

  7. I bet people will come up with some pretty creative ways to use this gadget.

  8. Funny, no one else has answered your question. I've been up to my ears in mud in a salt marsh, that was super dirty, but today's dirty deed done dirt cheap is going to be scrubbing the bathroom floor. I should mention I have all boys and none of them would ever win a sharpshooter contest, if you know what I mean.

    1. I had my first boy potty training experience this morning, actually. Let's just say all of the bathroom rugs are now in the wash...

  9. What an amazing idea for a baby gift. What's the price point on this baby?

  10. I think it probably involved the aftermath of too much alcohol in college...hehe

    This thing is amazing! I think I'll put it on my registry if I don't get it :)

  11. This sounds great! I'm going to carry it with me constantly as my husband thinks it's hysterical when the cat plays with stuff that falls on the ground...


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