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Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to survive the princess stage

No matter which way you slice it, if you have a little girl, she is most likely going to end up having a princess stage. Even if you never introduce her to a single princess yourself, she will have little girlfriends who love princesses, or she will see one on TV or at the mall, and the mania will hit. And, man, does it hit with the quickness and intensity of a meth addiction.

Mainlining Princess Dust

For those of you who don’t have little girls or whose girls are still too young, I am sure you are just swooning at the idea of a princess stage. But for those of you who are currently neck-deep in tutus and tiaras, you may have had enough of Cinderella’s fancy ass and need a little help and a lot of wine.

Though we kept The Quiet Contemplator as far away from all things princess for as long as possible, the tide of pink and frilly slowly leeched its way into our house via my daughter’s friends at school. TQC is now in a full-blown princess mode 24-7. I want to take all of her princess shit and light it on fire in the middle of my living room. Seriously, if I have to watch Snow White one more time, I am going to have a princess-induced rage stroke.

But through all of this princess crap, I have found a few things that have made this stage result in a slightly less noticeable eye twitch for mama. Namely, a few books and a frame of mind for my little princess.

The first book we love is Princess Peepers Picks a Pet. Basically, Princess Peepers is the nerdy outcast at the Perfect Princess School. I love her. We bought this book to help TQC deal with her feeling like a weirdo for wearing glasses, but it ended up helping a crapload with all of the annoying princess stuff. It shows her that it is OK to be different and that being different is actually cool. She loves the book.

We also like Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? This books basically shows kids that being a princess isn’t about wearing pretty dresses or marrying some strange dude you met once. It teaches that, as it says when kids look in the mirror on the back page of the book, “A princess is a place in your heart.” Gag, I know, but this book really sets the stage for talking to your little girl about how a princess is how we act and how we treat people, not some just lady locked in a tower waiting for a man to rescue her.

Anyhoo. Just thought I would share for those of you that are currently self medicating their way through the princess stage with boxed chardonnay.

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  1. Also, check out "The Paper Bag Princess". You will love it, and so will TQC!

  2. Thank the sweet baby Jesus for you! My daughter is three and I've yet to introduce her to anything princess but that didn't stop it from coming! (Thanks daycare!) I'm not opposed to princessing around, but I just wasn't sure how to transition it into a "life isn't a fairy tale you have to work for stuff" - so these recommendations are great!


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