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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today You Are One

Dear H,

The Beginning

A year ago today, you came into our lives, a little ball of pink that was perfection from head to toe. Today, you make us feel complete as a family and make us smile on a daily basis with your sweet disposition.

Your favorite people outside of mom, dad and sis are your morning teachers, Alyssa and Mary. Every morning when I drop you off at school, your face lights up when you see them, and theirs does the same at the sight of you.You are a very lucky boy to have people in your lives who think you are as special as we do.

One Year

We call you Chubby, Budrow Wilson, Buddy Boy and Bubba. Your are little, but mighty. You are incredibly strong and can do things that you shouldn't have the ability to do yet.

You are the smiliest baby I have ever seen. You smile all day, every day. The only time you get mad is when I walk out of a room or walk into one and don't instantly pick you up. You love your mama. The feeling is mutual.

You are advanced far beyond your age, and, I believe, incredibly smart. You seem to understand things that are way beyond your pay grade and are so good at fine motor skills that it amazes me on a daily basis. You were also an early walker and already have a grasp on music.

Thank you for helping me through a year where I needed a sweet little ball of goo like you to help me get through some hard times. You are my tiny rock and I love you.




  1. So sweet. he looks like a little bubba. baby boys rock!

  2. Awww! Happy Birthday little man!

  3. So sweet :D Happy birthday to your little man!

  4. Happy birthday to Budrow Wilson, and happy "birth" day to mama! I still remember that you only pushed for like, five minutes, and I still want to punch you in the crotch for that!

  5. Happy birthday to your little one!

    I am expecting my very own "sweet little ball of goo" on Jan 2nd, this made me even more excited to meet them.

  6. I just came across your blog today. Love it and the name. If you didn't already have the blog name, I would of adopted it. Fits me perfectly. My baby is a day younger than your cute boy, check out my blog to see a similar post I wrote to her on December 23rd.


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