Friday, June 17, 2016

Love for Orlando

If you're like me, the events in Orlando, both at Pulse and at Disney, have shaken you to your core. It is hard to not imagine one of the dead as your friend, or brother, or son. 

As a mother, I feel their loss deep in my soul. My legs feel weak at the thought of the friends and family who have to go on without those 49 people in their lives--a feeling I know all too well. My chest aches and burns for the parents who lost their sweet little boy right before their own eyes.

It is times like this where kindness goes farther than ever. To strangers. To your loved ones. To yourself.

Though we will find a way to move on from these tragedies, they will change us. But don't let them sour you. Make them strengthen you.

Take this sadness and turn it into something that betters the world.

Don't just embrace people's difference, celebrate them. See people as human beings, regardless of the color of their skin, sexual preference or religious views.

Tell your children you love them more. Hug them a little tighter. Read them a story even when you just want to close their bedroom door and relax on the couch with a glass of wine.

(Steps off soapbox. Pours said glass of wine.)

Ending with love. For all.
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