Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eight Types of Toddlers

Today I have a guest post from Sabrina at By Breenah. She has a great bucket list, many items on which I would love to scratch off.

Anyway, Enjoy:

The Artist - They draw on anything and everything, with anything and everything. You see make-up, they see a new medium to paint in. You see a wall, they see a blank canvas. In their world if it's liquid, it's paint.

types of toddlers the artist
(yogurt, not paint)

The Athlete - They ran before they crawled and threw a ball before they could wave hi. You're still not sure if they know how to walk instead of run. Meal time is a sport to see whether you can get more food in the toddler than they throw on the ground or across the table. In their world if it's round, it's a ball to be thrown.

types of toddlers the athlete

The Techno - They can probably use your phone or tablet better than you can. Apple was their first word and not for the one they wanted to eat. On the plus side, maybe they'll be ahead of the game and become a millionaire and you can retire. Or they might wind up forgetting what daylight is by gaming all day.

types of toddlers the techno

The Xtreme - There is nothing they cannot climb. Or at least try to climb. Getting down on their own is another story. (See: The Monkey)

types of toddlers the xtreme

The Philosopher - There is no answer you give that doesn't have a response of "Why?". They're curious little buggers and get into everything. They're the ones who will take apart their toys (or the tv) to see how they work, but get mad when they can't put it back together.

types of toddlers the philosopher

The Independent - They will do it themselves. Brush their teeth? They don't need your help. Eating? Don't need your help. Drop everything they were carrying all over the floor? They don't need your help. (Hint: Sometimes they do need your help.)

types of toddlers the independent

The Snuggler - The opposite of the Independent. They won't do anything by themselves and will rarely walk anywhere on their own. If you're not holding them in some way, they freak out. Heaven forbid you leave the room, let alone the house! (Baby carriers come in super handy for these kiddos!)

types of toddlers the snuggler2

The Star - Dancing or just being dramatic, this kid is always the center of attention. This child knows no stranger, everyone is his/her audience. And they better applaud, or else. (Just be careful they don't turn into one of the Toddlers and Tiaras brats. That's scary.)

types of toddlers the star2

Thank you to my sister, brother, and Darci for the use of their photos for categories I didn't have.

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